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“In today’s highly competitive global knowledge economy, all students need new skills for college, careers, and citizenship. To fail to give all students these new skills leaves today’s youth and our country – at an alarming competitive disadvantage. Schools haven’t changed; the world has. And so our schools, then, are not failing. They are obsolete.

In the 21st century, mastery of the basic skills of reading, writing, and math is no longer enough. Increasingly, almost any job that pays more than minimum wage today—both blue and white collar—requires employees who know how to solve a range of intellectual and technical problems. In addition, we face an exponential increase of readily available information, new technologies that are constantly changing, and more complex societal challenges…

Thus, work, learning, and citizenship in the 21st century demand that we all know how to think—to reason, to analyze, to weigh evidence, to problem solve… These are no longer skills that only the elites in a society must master; they are essential survival skills for all of us.”