Denis and Francis with Marco Polo’s last will and testament

Journal jour•nal (jûrnl)
A personal record of occurrences, experiences, and reflections kept on a regular basis; a diary.

As a visual artist, writing a journal wasn’t my forté. I had to force myself every night to write down my impressions from the day. Even if nothing significant happened I would jot it down, “16 hour bus ride today, slept the whole way.” I was forming a habit that I would eventually, truly come to enjoy. Journaling gave me a safe place to release my anxieties, set my desires and goals and offer thoughtful, introspection on the experiences I was having. As my writing got better my journals filled with character studies, sites, sounds and aromas. Without them there would be no way to remember all those nuances and feelings. These entries would be invaluable later, when it came time to write my book.

A journal should reflect an individual’s personality. Needless to say mine are full of watercolor sketches, drawings, stamps and other ephemera. Keeping a journal not only provides an invaluable record of one’s daily outward travels but becomes a creative outlet to express an inner journey of personal growth and self discovery.