"In the Footsteps of Marco Polo” is a highly acclaimed educational curriculum based upon Explorer, Author and Filmmaker Denis Belliveau's incredible two-year journey spent retracing Marco Polo’s route from Venice, along the Silk Road to China and back. Contact us now for your FREE personalized consultation.

Programming includes assemblies, Q+A, Design and Build workshops, Project-based learning, Lesson plans, Guided Tours, P.D. and much more! Contact us now for your FREE personalized consultation.

Welcome to In the Footsteps of Marco Polo

The Foundation for Historical Exploration is a nonprofit educational organization devoted to the design and implementation of live talks and inspirational curricula activities based on historic expeditions that have been replicated in modern times.

Connecting young people to real life exploration motivates and inspires them with powerful learning tools that develop critical-thinking, problem solving and collaborative skills, the precise skills they’ll need as they enter the global workforce of the 21st century.


“An extraordinary initiative and travel experience. They set out to demonstrate that Marco Polo actually spent his 25 years in Asia and reported first-hand about all the wonders he had seen, and I think that after Francis’s and Denis’s experience few people could still have doubts in this regard.”

- Stefano Carboni, Curator of Islamic Art
The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Our vision for this project was very focused,’ says Belliveau. ‘We wanted to see just how accurate Marco Polo’s words were.’” “So look they did. What they found was that nobody had ever followed and photographed Polo’s entire route from Venice to China and back…” - Photographic Magazine

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“I’m in awe of your achievement – the endurance, the commitment, the pictures, the writing.”

- John Man, Author
Marco Polo – The Journey That Changed The World.

“When they returned to Venice, they were given a hero’s welcome: a royal regatta of gondolas, a gala reception, a gallery showing of their photographs. There was an official poster commemorating their accomplishment, and the bells of St Mark’s were rung in their honor. Not only were they finally given access to Marco Polo’s will, they were allowed to sleep in the explorer’s home.”

- Biography Magazine

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